The BloomBox

Miss Bloom florals are created and sent to clientes in our unique BloomBox.

The BloomBox is a floral vase made from high-quality cardboard and a water-resistant inner. This inner is filled with water and flower food to feed and water the flowers. The ribbon around the neck of the box contributes to the sturdiness and helps keep the whole arrangement in place.

The included tag allows the giver to add a small message to the recipient.

Miss Bloom’s flowers are sourced from the Johannesburg flower market at least twice a week to ensure freshness.  They are taken to the Miss Bloom creative atelier where beautiful arrangements are created for each and every BloomBox. Delivery then takes them to the different clients.


The BloomBox may be used in your home, at the office, or at your function for a period of up to 2 weeks from purchase. It is important to add a cup of water every 2 to 3 days to the BloomBox which will keep your Miss Bloom bouquet blooming and hydrated.